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Steakhouse Ranker, founded in 2024, is about helping you find the best steakhouses nationwide. We gather data and write reviews on popular steakhouses in major cities, focusing on everything from the quality of the meat to the overall dining experience. We aim to provide reliable and easy-to-understand information so you can enjoy the perfect steakhouse experience, whether you're a local or just visiting.

Our team of steak enthusiasts and food critics visits each steakhouse to give you the most accurate and honest reviews. We cover all the details that matter, from the service to the ambiance, ensuring you get a complete picture of what to expect. At Steakhouse Ranker, we make it simple to find top-notch steakhouses that match your taste. Join us as we explore and highlight the best steak spots around the country, making your dining choices easier and more delicious.

Preston T. Loughran

Preston T. Loughran

Chief Ranking Officer

Preston Loughran, Chief Ranking Officer, has loved steaks since childhood. His passion began during family visits to Omaha, where he discovered the joy of steaks. Celebrating birthdays at various steakhouses became a beloved tradition.

Determined to turn his passion into expertise, Preston attended the renowned Le Cordon Bleu, mastering the art of steak preparation. In addition to his ranking endeavors, he started a local steak festival every July, bringing together steak enthusiasts to celebrate and enjoy the finest cuts.

Now, Preston travels across America, visiting steakhouses to provide comprehensive and trustworthy rankings. His culinary background and commitment to excellence make him a respected figure in the steakhouse ranking community.

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Reagan Smith

Reagan Smith

Associate Steak Taster

Reagan Smith, a seasoned steak aficionado, brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to our steakhouse ranking team. Growing up in the Midwest, Reagan's early exposure to farm-to-table dining instilled a lifelong love for high-quality meats. After earning a degree in meat sciences, she honed her skills at several prestigious culinary institutions.

Reagan's role involves tasting and evaluating steaks and delving into each steakhouse's sourcing and sustainability practices. By examining how cattle are raised and the environmental impact of meat production, she ensures that ethical considerations are part of the dining experience. This holistic approach provides readers with insights into both flavor and sustainability.

Outside of professional tasting, Reagan enjoys mentoring young chefs, advocating for sustainable farming practices, and volunteering at local food banks. Her dedication to responsible dining makes her a vital contributor to our team.

Kelsi Eustace

Kelsi Eustace

Associate of the Associate Steak Taster

Kelsi Eustace brings a vibrant enthusiasm for culinary arts and a meticulous eye for detail to our steakhouse ranking team. Raised in a family celebrating gourmet cooking, Kelsi's passion for steak began early. With formal training in food science and culinary arts, she developed a keen understanding of flavor dynamics and cooking precision.

In her role as Associate to the Associate Steak Taster, Kelsi assists in comprehensive evaluations that go beyond the steak itself. She pays special attention to each steakhouse's ambiance, service quality, wine pairings, and dessert offerings. This thorough approach ensures readers a holistic view of their dining options.

In her spare time, Kelsi enjoys traveling to culinary hotspots, writing a food blog that explores innovative cooking techniques, and hosting themed dinner parties. Her diverse interests and detailed evaluations make her an invaluable member of our ranking team, and she provides readers with engaging and well-rounded reviews.

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