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Chicago's Top Ranked Steakhouses

Chicago's premier steakhouses are steeped in tradition, exuding an air of sophistication with their rich wood paneling, plush leather banquettes, and an ambiance that harkens back to a bygone era. From legendary institutions that have stood the test of time to modern hotspots redefining the steakhouse experience, these revered establishments offer dry-aged prime cuts, extensive wine lists curated by sommeliers, and impeccable service, making them destinations for discerning diners seeking an unforgettable culinary indulgence.

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RPM Steak

Steakhouse Ranker Score: 99.5

RPM Steak, located in the bustling River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago, is a prime example of culinary excellence, backed by the notable RPM brand founded by Bill and Giuliana Rancic and the Melman siblings. This prestigious restaurant is committed to sourcing the finest ingredients, featuring high-quality meats from renowned producers like Kawaguchi and Westholme Farms. The combination of these exceptional ingredients and the restaurant's elegant, contemporary ambiance provides a perfect setting for a remarkable dining experience, making each visit memorable.

The menu at RPM Steak showcases a dedication to luxury and quality, with standout dishes such as the Sendai and Westholme Wagyu steaks, celebrated for their rich marbling and depth of flavor. The dining experience is complemented by an expertly curated selection of fine wines by Partner Richard Hanauer, enhancing the flavors of the meals. Praised for its meticulous service, RPM Steak ensures personalized attention for every guest. Customer testimonials consistently highlight the excellent quality of food and service, noting the warm seafood tower and the knowledgeable staff as highlights. RPM Steak remains a top choice for those seeking a superior steakhouse experience in Chicago, ideal for both special occasions and casual elegant dining.

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Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse

Steakhouse Ranker Score: 98.0

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, an esteemed Chicago institution since 1989, epitomizes classic steakhouse dining with its elegant and clubby atmosphere. From the rich, dark wood paneling to the pristine white linen tables and vintage decor, every detail adds to the sophisticated charm that beckons diners to indulge in their world-class steaks and signature cocktails. Renowned for its USDA Prime Angus beef, Gibsons sources its meat from top Midwestern producers, ensuring each steak, particularly the beloved Chicago Cut, is a succulent showcase of flavor and quality, aged for optimal tenderness.

Beyond their exceptional steaks, Gibsons also excels in seafood, classic side dishes, and decadent desserts like their famed oversized carrot cake, ideal for sharing. The high standards of cuisine are matched by meticulous service, where each guest is treated with utmost care, making every visit memorable. Gibsons is more than just a steakhouse; it's a celebration of fine dining, where every meal is an occasion and every guest leaves satisfied, whether commemorating a special event or enjoying a luxurious dining experience.

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Maple & Ash

Steakhouse Ranker Score: 96.5

Maple & Ash distinguishes itself as a standout in Chicago's steakhouse scene through its innovative and immersive dining experience. The restaurant's modern, sleek interior, accented with rustic elements like open wood-fired cooking stations and glowing fireplaces, creates a lively yet sophisticated atmosphere that promises an extraordinary culinary journey. This setting perfectly complements their signature technique of wood-fired cooking, which elevates traditional steakhouse dishes by infusing them with bold, elemental flavors.

The essence of Maple & Ash's unique approach is exemplified by their fire-roasted seafood tower—a showstopping arrangement of lobster, king crab, shrimp, and more, each piece expertly cooked over a live hearth and served with aromatic garlic butter and chili oil. The same wood-fired mastery enhances their steaks and other prime entrees, giving them a distinctive sear and a subtle smokiness that deepens the flavor. Coupled with their warm, attentive service and the thoughtful touch of personalized menus for special occasions, Maple & Ash offers a truly premium and memorable dining experience.

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Steakhouse Ranker Score: 88

Located on the prestigious Magnificent Mile, Remington's offers a contemporary and approachable twist on American grill classics. As a part of the 4 Star Restaurant Group, this 225-seat establishment serves as an ideal spot for various occasions, be it a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or a relaxed gathering after shopping or theater. Remington's is celebrated for its outstanding steaks, fresh oysters, and an assortment of burgers and salads, complemented by an impressive wine program. The restaurant's ambiance, combined with its daily lunch and dinner service, weekend brunches, and weekday happy hours, makes it a must-visit destination in Chicago.

Guests of Remington's consistently praise the exceptional dining experience, highlighting the quality and variety of the menu items. From the prime rib hash at brunch to the perfectly seasoned steak salad, the culinary offerings cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Reviews often note the attentive and personalized service, such as managers who make rounds to ensure guest satisfaction—a touch that adds to the welcoming atmosphere of the establishment. Whether it's the thoughtful layout of the dining space or the quick and friendly service, Remington's stands out as a top choice for both locals and visitors looking for an enjoyable meal in the heart of Chicago.

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Chicago Chop House

Steakhouse Ranker Score: 88.3

Chicago Chop House, a staple of the River North neighborhood since 1986, epitomizes the classic American steakhouse with a unique twist. Housed in a historic Victorian brownstone built in 1897, the restaurant offers a rich blend of history and culinary excellence. Under the ownership of Chop Hospitality since 2017, it has maintained its commitment to offering grand porterhouse steaks—a legacy started by its founders—while introducing a renovated space and an updated menu that includes fresh seafood and decadent sides. The ambiance is further enhanced by nightly music that complements its vintage, unpretentious steakhouse charm, creating an inviting atmosphere where guests can enjoy moonlit dinners in the beautiful courtyard.

The dining experience at Chicago Chop House is marked by an array of legendary dishes that delight the palate. Guests often praise the perfectly cooked steaks, which are complemented by an extensive selection of mouthwatering sides like brussel sprouts and potatoes, and unique sauces like the savory peppercorn sauce. The service is as impeccable as the food, with attentive staff who provide detailed menu explanations and recommendations, ensuring a memorable meal. The interior, adorned with over 1,400 historic photos of iconic figures, adds to the charm and allure of dining in one of Chicago's original steakhouses, making every visit exceptional, whether it's for a special celebration or a casual yet luxurious meal.

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